Highly Recommended Home Remedies for a Sprained Ankle

Sometimes muscles get overstretched or torn. This happens when a joint is twisted causing injuries to the ligaments that connect the bones in the joint. Ankle sprains are caused by either walking or running on uneven grounds. They can also be caused by accidents that occur as a result of either lifting heavy weights or putting on high-heeled shoes. If this occurs to you, these home remedies for a sprained ankle can be of great help.

Firstly, you need to apply ice on your sprained ankle. This is likely going to help ease inflammation and swelling. The work of ice is to stop inflammation of ligaments and to curb any bleeding in the affected ligament. You should apply ice to the affected part within 48 hours after the occurrence of the injury. When applying ice, make sure you don't apply directly to the skin because it may lead to further damage. Learn more about how to treat sprained ankle, go here.

Secondly, compression helps stop swelling of the affected area. To do this, you need to bandage the injured ankle immediately after the injury occurs. This helps ease pain and also prevents further injury. To exert pressure by compression, one can use a tape, elastic bandages or special boots. These items can be purchased from a local pharmacy. Make sure you immediately remove the bandage if the injured part turns blue or when you feel any numbness. You can visit website here for more great tips!

Again, you can use turmeric to heal a sprained ankle. This locally available spice can be used to relieve pain. This is because it is argued to have anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps relax body muscles and tissues since it has anti-spasmodic properties that assist in pain alleviation.

Also, garlic is useful in mitigating several symptoms of a sprained ankle. Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps reduce pain and swelling. It also has healing power and ability to supply body with energy, thereby speeding the process of healing.

Epsom salt is another effective ankle sprain home remedy. This salt is made of crystals of magnesium, which help in soothing painful muscles. One good thing about this home remedy is that it is locally available. This, therefore, means you can easily purchase it from a local drugs store.

Other common home remedies for a sprained ankle include arnica, olive oil, castor oil, and onion, among others. There is always a detailed procedure for using any of these mentioned remedies. It, therefore, means you have to follow the instructions to the letter so as to achieve the desired results. Take a look at this link  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sprained_ankle for more information.